The Hated Crew
Game Rules
  • This is a PVE ONLY server.  Player killing is not allowed.
  • A Point Of Interest (POI) is any structure containing lootable items.
  • Modifying is digging, destroying, land claiming, building, or placing items.
  • Looting player bases or equipment is NOT allowed, except for expired land claims.
  • Modifying commercial, industrial, special, or other high value POIs is NOT allowed.  You may modify houses outside city regions that don't have loot chests, lots of bookshelves, or lots of high value loot containers.
  • You may only use a POI for horde night IF you have a quest that will reset the POI, AND you reset the POI after horde night is over.
  • Modifying or blocking roads is NOT allowed.
  • Modifying anything within the same region or within 300 blocks of the Lobby, Traders, other community buildings, cities, or towns is NOT allowed. City and town regions are subject to reset. Make sure your landclaim blocks are 300 blocks from these items.
  • You may use the stations and fuel in the Lobby.  Taking fuel, station attachments, etc. from the Lobby is stealing.
  • The Lobby area is not a base, do not stay there during a horde.
Player Conduct Rules
  • Hacking, cheating, or similar behavior will NOT be tolerated.
  • Intentionally harming or hampering another player’s game (griefing or trolling) will NOT be tolerated.
  • Lewd, bigoted, or other offensive behavior will NOT be tolerated.
  • Discussion of politics, religion, or any other divisive issues is not allowed on The Hated Crew 7 Days To Die Game or Discord servers.
  • Causing drama on the 7 Days To Die Game or Discord servers will not be tolerated. Take issues to a moderator or an admin in private.
  • Use of The Hated Crew 7 Days To Die Game or Discord servers for any purpose other than participating in the game is NOT allowed. This includes recruiting players to other servers or games.
  • Any activity that degrades or interferes with the proper performance of The Hated Crew Game or Discord servers is NOT allowed.